The missing key (or, Keyes, in this case)

While I was busy walking around shaking my snow globe and looking for a pattern/path which made real sense to me, I was an avid student of the relatively new field of positive psychology. And I spent real thinking time connecting dots. I read the works of Haidt, Seligman and others who were instrumental in the establishment and growth of the field of positive psychology, connecting their work to business and personal growth. I picked...
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Seriously, you know him?

Have you ever had the opportunity to meet someone new and quickly discover they actually know some of your old friends? It happens to me often now, but I’m still amazed every time it happens. In my early discovery visits with Dr. Corey Keyes, I came to appreciate that he indeed knew some of my old friends, but not in the traditional sense. As I’ve shared before [insert link to Blog post –   ] I...
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Is it Tuesday yet?

One of my favorite research pieces examines a Tuesday in the life of a flourisher. I highly encourage you to read it. It demonstrates how, when living in a flourishing state, positively enjoying common daily things (helping, interacting, learning, etc.) essentially builds the bank of positive emotion and resiliency for when we next need it. Pretty smart stuff. And, straightforward. When we genuinely enjoy our daily activities, it’s like building a savings account of good,...
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