Seriously, you know him?

Have you ever had the opportunity to meet someone new and quickly discover they actually know some of your old friends? It happens to me often now, but I’m still amazed every time it happens.

In my early discovery visits with Dr. Corey Keyes, I came to appreciate that he indeed knew some of my old friends, but not in the traditional sense. As I’ve shared before [insert link to Blog post –   ] I have been a student of positive psychology for years now. One day in conversation with Corey, I mentioned how much I enjoyed Jonathan Haidt’s writings about divinity, religion and disgust. He lit up, and said something to the effect of “you and Jonathan would enjoy each other.”

Huh? How would he know? I recall he sure seemed convinced. Given how much I’d enjoyed reading The Happiness Hypothesis, it stood to reason I would indeed enjoy the author, but how did Corey make that connection so fast?

Humorously enough, it turns out he co-edited a book on flourishing with Jonathan and Martin Seligman years ago. Talk about a small world!

I live in a vibrant, friendly condo community in Decatur, GA. Friday nights are special as neighbors gather on the upper deck and just visit – mixing and mingling and catching up with each other. Sometimes we branch out a bit and invite other friends we think would enjoy the event, and meeting some of our neighbors. Imagine my surprise when someone I have known since 1983 (invited by another resident and friend) looked up at one of the folks I’d invited and said, “Hey, I know you!”

Worlds sometimes collide in the most interesting ways. And, what fun! Two people I hold dear, Jon and Lissa, were all but instantly reacquainted after years since seeing each other. This stuff seems to happen to me more often – at a faster pace than in the past. But it’s still amazing fun every single time it happens.

There’s just something special when your new friends know your old ones, or when your old friends know some of your other old friends. Something special indeed. The world is far smaller than we give credit.

When’s the last time you found such a connection? If it’s been a while, maybe you need to stir the air in your universe and introduce some people you *think* don’t know each other. You just might be pleasantly surprised.


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