Curated Small Group

If you just know you want focused help, but individual coaching isn’t where you’ll thrive, then ask to be assigned to a group instead. Once I find the right mix of people (typically 3-5, total), I’ll let you know. Please know this might not happen quickly. I’m rather discerning about who I put with whom. I purposefully create groups with individuals who will complement each other and even help each other – not just be bodies in a room.

A minimum commitment of six 90-minute sessions is required (since there’s no charge for the time required to curate the participants for the group).  These are regularly scheduled events and require prepayment, $90 per person, per session. Yes, that means a prepayment of $540 before we begin. You may request monthly billing if that’s the only way possible for you to participate, but it’s not an option to just pay as you walk in the door. Or, of course, after the fact. Thanks in advance for respecting that piece.

(Official escape clause: Yes, if you find you’re just not fitting with the group, we’ll make an adjustment – to either another group, or to individual coaching, for the remainder of the sessions for which you’ve prepaid.)

We can do this in one of three forms:

  1. In person, in downtown Decatur, either over coffee, or enjoy a “table on the square” discussion, weather permitting. I’m even open to dong this over brown bag lunch or at a local restaurant if you can arrange for a quiet, out of the way space (since we’re going to camp for a while, this needs to be prearranged for sure).
  2. If you happen to have friends in others locations who want to participate, we can do this via online video conference, but that must be requested and discussed in advance. Just to be clear, I’m not a fan of phone coaching. I want to see each face and feel connected to each person. So, unless you flat out can’t do a video conference call, I’m not going to do phone-only time with your group.
  3. I can come to you. If travel time is more than 15 minutes, you’ll be asked to cover the time one way (at least) and maybe more. (Yes, if you live in Savannah, for example, overnight accommodations are required.) Seriously, if this is an option which best suits you, we’ll find a way to make it work. Just please be kind to me about traffic times when you make the request.