If you woke this morning and wondered why you weren’t more jazzed about your day, chances are good you’re not flourishing… and, you’re likely settling, or striving. (You probably aren’t languishing, or you would likely have just stayed in bed.)

If you know you’re doing less than your genuine best, but have decided it’s just not worth the hassle, you’re probably “settling.” And, that’s too bad because chances are very good someone thought enough of your potential to refer you here. (This isn’t an easy site to just stumble upon…) If you decide you’re willing to do something different – that you’re willing to give it another shot – let’s visit.

You might be among the lost superstars– people who are standouts by common measures, but realize something’s missing. You may not know exactly what is missing – just that something is indeed left out. If so, you’re likely hung in the space defined as “striving.” You’re cruising through the day, maybe even making the job look easy, but you’re no more engaged than your toothbrush was earlier this morning as you prepared for your day – and you know it.

And, that just isn’t sustainable.

How do I know? Well, you never fully forget that feeling. Unfortunately I’ve known full-flaming burnout – crispy toast on all sides – and it was preceded by this kind of unsustainable pace coupled with a lack of balance of head and heart. Just faster, pussycat without the sense of  lasting meaning.

Flourishing isn’t for everyone. Really. It’s too bad, but it’s reality. Some people just aren’t going to open up and do what it takes to get there (and, stay there!).

It takes work to flourish, on purpose SM .

But, I’ll posit that it’s never too late (or too early) to make the commitment to honestly living your genuine best – for you, your family, your work and your community. It’s a very special way to live – and thrive. Once you reach flourishing, especially on purpose (yes, double meaning intended), you’ll not go back.

If you’re open to the thought of doing good while doing well, and having a lot of fun doing it, I’d love to visit with you. Who knows what will come of it, but we won’t know until we explore if you’re ready to flourish, on purpose SM .