Investment and ROI

I firmly believe that you should consistently feel you received more in value than you paid in dollars. Yes, I’m serious about that. I’m confident enough about that to sincerely invite you to ask anyone with whom I’ve worked if they feel that way. I expect they’ll give you a direct and honest answer. They have no reason not to.

I’ll also encourage you to look beyond the immediate, initial return on your investment. That should be enough to make the decision an easy one, but just in case… The vast majority of the work we’ll do together has a very, very long tail – far reaching secondary and tertiary consequences. Many of the lessons learned become lifelong tools you, your team and your organization will use – and, not just at work, I assure you.

And, I don’t expect you’ll have to invite me to visit each time you want to use those tools. In the consultant versus coach discussion, please know I want very much want to coach myself right out of a job! If you’re looking for someone to “just do it for me” you’re seriously in the wrong place. If you want to learn and master new things well enough to demonstrate them daily, and teach them to others, great! Let’s get busy.

Even though no two engagements have yet to look exactly the same, I try to keep the investment part simple and straightforward. Below is a breakdown of how I am typically reciprocated for my contribution in helping you flourish, on purpose.

Customary rates:

Coaching packages for individuals and small groups are available, and customized to meet your particular needs. You’ll surely notice – the stronger your demonstrated commitment, the larger the discount. Makes perfect sense, all around.

Invisible Obvious session: $350, and limited to one per person/team/organization unless otherwise agreed in advance.

By the hour (as available): $235 / hour
Half-day rate: $850
Full-day rate: $1600

Speaking rates are based on day-rate scale above, discounted as appropriate as described below.

Discounts are offered to these special folks:

  • Friends-and-family referrals. Given my clients are treated as friends, and sometimes as family, find someone with whom I’m working and ask for a referral. Or, of course, find one of my inner circle folks. You’ll be glad you did.
  • Non-profits doing super work. We’ll discuss when we first visit, but expect to retain some of your dollars and consider the discount a contribution to your good work.
  • Unemployed superstars. Yes, really. If you’re a stuck superstar and not currently using your talents daily, we’ll find a way to make it all work. We need you, fully in the mix! So let’s start with the basics and see what you can intelligently invest (and, yes ,the resources may be other than just what is accepted in the checkout line or typically deposited at the bank).
  • Serious entrepreneurs. Yes, I have a soft spot for anyone who has answered the call to follow their dreams at a pace where they gleefully give up sleep and sometimes food to get something off the ground. If you don’t know the difference between a business owner and an entrepreneur, you’ve already answered the first qualification question. You don’t have to be “proven” yet, but you will need to convince me that you’re really talented and really serious. Yes, and you have to have a brilliant idea you’re bringing to life.
  • Those smart enough to ask for a retainer-based relationship. If you want to hover top of mind, and know I’ll do whatever I can to help you regardless of the day of the week or the hour of the day, let’s discuss a retainer-based arrangement. Yes, there are a limited number of these I’m willing to take on at any given time. Just ask if there’s an opening.

This is all great, and I know I want this help, but I can’t afford this…

Well, maybe you can. If you’re serious about working together, but find the monetary investment to be beyond your current means, please share that with me before we visit.

Why would I even meet with you if that’s the case? (Another great question, by the way…) It’s because I know what it means to be in that place – where resources just aren’t matching up with the needs – and how wonderful it can feel to get out of that place!

I reserve a portion of my time for such exceptions, so, if you (your team or organization) are exceptional, highly coachable and genuinely eager to fully engage and use your passions to make a real difference in the world, please tell me about it. If there’s a way, we’ll find it. Really.