Invisible Obvious

The illusive “invisible obvious” generally comes in the form of an ah-ha moment, and many times includes a new connection or two, some recommended reading, news or tools to use. Every situation and session is unique.

In a nutshell, the Invisible Obvious session:

  1. Goal is to get you quickly unstuck, and then spring forward.
  2. One hour, one-on-one (in person or via Skype video call)
  3. You self-schedule – pick an open slot that’s good for you – no hassle of phone/email tag involved
  4. Pre-meeting questionnaire (required) to get you thinking and me up to speed quickly
  5. Post-meeting introductions or resources shared (as applicable)

I’ll review your answers to the I.O. questionnaire, formulate questions and ideas and then we’ll spend one blazing hour, working hard to uncover your answer(s) to a tough decision, a specific situation that’s been keeping you awake nights or just a nagging situation you want to change.

One week of email support immediately following the call is included.

$350 – Limited to one per person/team/organization unless otherwise agreed in advance. (Yes, this is intense work for both of us!)