Paula 911

For when you have an urgent need to explore/solve a very specific challenge, you have a real problem on your hands or you just want ongoing “easy to arrange” on-request coaching. It’s essential that we have some level of familiarity (okay, actual life experience) with each other for this to be most effective, so this is offered to anyone who has completed at least an “unstuck” and/or Invisible Obvious program.

It’s simple how this works. You just make the call. (Yes, you’ll have my cell phone number.) I’ll know it’s you (caller ID is an amazing gift, indeed). If I can take the call right then and there, I really will. If not, leave me a message and then send me a quick text. You’ll surely get my attention with one of those two. I’ll get back to you soonest.

We’ll spend up to 45 minutes for you to share with me what’s going on, and to discuss potential solutions to your very specific challenge. That’s it! I’ll send you an invoice (based on your prearranged rate) afterward, so no need to wonder if you have any tokens in the bank. Just make the call and we’ll dig in.

And, as you can imagine, this is available only to a special, short list of people at any given time. Just ask if there’s an opening.