Small group – you assemble the participants

If you have a small group of friends who, like you, want to continue on their path with a bit of guidance, support and learning a few new things along the way, this just might be for you! You get to hand pick and invite the others to participate; 3 – 5 people total. In each 90-minute session, we’ll do group and individual work – and the group work will be reflective of the needs and desires of the group, with a bit of influence from me, of course. Available in blocks of 3 sessions, $300 per session (yes, per session, not per person). This option requires prepayment (by one person, you all settle up among yourselves) and advance scheduling – and, yes, you get the joy of calendar game with each other. Once you all have your schedules coordinated, then you can find a time with me.


We can do this in one of three forms:

  1. In person, in downtown Decatur – we can visit over coffee, or enjoy a “table on the square” discussion, weather permitting. I’m even open to dong this over brown bag lunch or at a local restaurant if you can arrange for a quiet, out of the way space (since we’re going to camp for a while, this needs to be prearranged for sure).
  2. If you happen to have friends in others locations who want to participate, we can do this via online video conference, but that must be requested and discussed in advance. Just to be clear, I’m not a fan of phone coaching. I want to see each face and feel connected to each person. So, unless you flat out can’t do a video conference call, I’m not going to do phone-only time with your group.
  3. I can come to you. If travel time is more than 15 minutes, you’ll be asked to cover the time one way (at least) and maybe more. (Yes, if you live in Savannah, for example, overnight accommodations are required.) Seriously, if this is an option which best suits you, we’ll find a way to make it work. Just please be kind to me about traffic times when you make the request.