“Stuck Superstar” reengagement program

Whether you’re contemplating a career change, starting a new business, or just managing a big shift of some kind, if you’re just stuck or unsure of the best course of action and feeling a sense of urgency, this is a great place to start.

A combination of innovative ideas and clear structure, support and accountability, awaits you. This is an intense one-on-one experience, so only the truly ready need jump in.

Within the first two weeks we’ll craft a unique course of action for you to help you stay on top of your current challenges while exploring longer-term plans for you to flourish, on purpose SM . Once we’re on the newly identified path, you may schedule sessions which work for you, but at least one every two weeks, please. Losing momentum stinks, and it’s not how superstars get their groove on (or, back on)!

Included in the 90-day fast track period:

  1. Ten 55-minute sessions – in-person (downtown Decatur, GA) visits or Skype video calls (two visits/calls the first week, two visits/calls the second week and then you self-schedule the remainder within the remainder of the 90 day period)
  2. Email support (feel free to send emails as needed; I’ll say something if you start to drown me, I assure you)
  3. Unique resources I’ll pull from my bag of tricks (ebooks, worksheets, introductions to other people or organizations) to help you continue your progress
  4. One 60-minute follow-up visit or video call upon request within 90 days after you complete the initial program.


  1. $3525 for genuinely new faces (payable in advance)
  2. $2820 for referrals (payable in advance, monthly)
  3. $2468 for referrals (payable in advance)

For ongoing coaching after this initial program, there are two options: regularly scheduled or on-request (as available).