One size does not fit all

I’m not cut out to work with just anyone, and I know it. I do some of my best work with outwardly (yes, seemingly) successful people and organizations that have fallen out of synch, disconnected from their best work and impact, or just need some sincere support and accountability assistance in their commitment to grow and flourish.

If we don’t currently have a relationship, we’ll need to visit first to see if we’re a fit. Yes, really. We’ll spend up to a half hour (maybe longer if we’re having real fun) exploring. This can be done in person or via video conference if a personal visit isn’t practical.

There is at no charge for this time for referrals. (Yes, back to that referral thing. If you just found me via random means, please find someone who will refer you. Seriously.)

Please request time on my calendar using the “For referrals, only” category, and let’s see if we’re a good fit. One visit should tell!