The Medici effect isn’t some weird magic trick, but it can sure feel that way when different people with diverse training, experience and interests come together to solve something about which they all care.

It could be a world-wide issue, or one related only to a subset of a subset of a small group. All that really matters is that each person has answered the “why?” questions (why am I here, why do I care, why do I think I have something of value to contribute) in a similar positive way, and they’re genuinely open to hearing and experiencing others’ thoughts and possible solutions without prejudice.

Sounds great, but where do you start? If you’re like most individuals and businesses, you can’t afford to hire a think tank to get you to see what you’re missing. As an alternative, think of this as engaging a fractional CTTO (chief think tank officer).

For special projects, I’ve been known to pull together an “instant team” around a topic – for when you need the full-press Medici effect, but have no clue who to invite to the table, or how to get them there. Yes, your own fractional think tank, at the table to serve you.

I get a kick out of sharing my unusual ability to see patterns and connections others often don’t see right away – the Invisible Obvious, if you will – to change the way organizations succeed and people flourish. If this sounds like something you need today, let’s chat.