What’s so different?

You know at least some of the “why?” part by now. That leads to the “how?” And, one thing’s for sure. How I engage with individuals, small teams and organizations can be called many things, but traditional usually isn’t one of them. Admittedly, most people figure that out once I walk into a room wearing jeans, western boots and a big shiny belt buckle, but that’s just the difference on the outside. It’s what’s inside that’s apparently even more unique.

When asked if I’m a “life coach” I usually say, “No, that’s not all of it.” The same is true of the label “consultant” (which I personally don’t like). Same for business coach… and for many of the other common labels generally lobbed in my direction. Here are some of the reasons why I’m not so easy to pigeonhole:

Regardless of the label, for these reasons and many more, I help individuals, teams and entire organizations uncover, connect, strengthen and celebrate all the gifts, resources and energy they bring to the world – to help them enjoy flourishing on purpose