Why Paula?

Great question… and, frankly, I’d be asking the same thing.

Before sharing how working with me is different from most other coaches or consultants, it’s important for me to establish two things about why I do what I do.

First, I believe the best way to change the world is to change how business does business – to intentionally create an environment where flourishing is not only possible, it’s the norm.

Whether a startup, a struggling organization or a highly successful company, 99% of businesses today would measurably benefit from flourishing, on purpose.

And, to help bring about this change, I believe we have to fully reengage all the “lost superstars” (folks who are successful by commonly accepted measures, who get great stuff done but feel disconnected, empty or just plain old bored.)

This isn’t a nice-to-have thing. We need these folks fully engaged!

I help these special people rediscover their unique place of being happy, engaged, resilient, and balanced – yes, sustainable – whether it’s in their current position / line of work or somewhere totally new.

It just so happens I love doing both of these, and it shows.

Ask anyone who has worked with me, read comments here on the site or poke around on my LinkedIn page. I operate as transparently as possible, and regard trust and integrity (yes, yours and mine) as two of the most valuable assets in the world.

So, in the end, why would you choose me to help you?

That, too, is rather simple – if you could borrow someone else’s experiences and passion to propel you forward, why wouldn’t you choose someone who has already solved the kind of puzzle you’re facing and still has a smile on her face?

Experience is a wonderful teacher.
Passion is a powerful fuel.

I’ll help you bring the two together to flourish, on purpose.