Whole Person

I’m a firm believer that we need to consider the whole person – not just a subset of who we are at work, home or at play when making decisions about where to spend our time and resources – where we apply our focus. While it’s absurd to be defined by what we do to earn a living, I’m sure you’ve heard that in conversation – from formal introductions to casual cocktail hour conversation. (not to worry – we’ve all done it; but that doesn’t mean we have to keep doing it)

The same is true for the conversations within our own heads (and hearts). We’re simply not meant to be dissected into thin slices of behavior and outlook. We have enough divisive forces at work in the world, pulling on us, this way and that – we don’t need to be doing it to ourselves!

When we stop fussing (aloud or in our own heads) about where someone lives, where they’re from or how they dress, and focus on connecting with them first, to their deepest values and passions, and second, connecting them with others who share similar values and passions… well, we move much closer to full engagement all around. And, we help everyone move much closer to, or perhaps smack to the middle of, flourishing.